update (:


so, hi? ive not write anything here for so long. well, i doubt if there's anyone who would read this but i'll write anyway. so how are u guys? im sorry, last year ive been busy w major exam so i couldnt focus on blogging. in fact, ive forgot all those coding on how to edit thi blog so yeah i'll try but it will surely takes a lot of time. well let it be bcs this blog rarely got followers or even readers. T_T

ive good news to share w you guys. i got the opportunity to study at boarding sch!! hehe im over excited right? i went to regular religious sch frm f1 untill now. i'll be going on 25th feb. but wait, doesnt that mean i'll be less blogging?? lol right..but i'll make sure i write a post or two when i got to back home. so yeah, goodluck to me!

i know it's late but whatever, happy chinese new year. kekeke. bye, till we meet again! :)


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